This week’s video has a very important message to speakers: Keynote speaking is back and we need to educate, exemplify and explain that to our clients who have not yet started to do virtual events.
More and more companies are understanding that they cannot stop doing events until we can meet again. And when they do events, they need speakers.
From the video:
“So keynote is back, global is back. Virtual is back, 2020 speaking is back.
Because we still need to meet.
Companies, need to meet, they need to get together.
They need to inspire people around a common experience and have a common goal and a strategy for where they are gonna go, and where are they are going to take their companies.
And that doesn’t stop just because there is a crisis.
It increases because there is a crisis.

This changing time, is way too important, to have a bunch of our employees sitting at home unmotivated and uninspired, and alone,
they need to get together,
they need to get the industry going,
and that is just what has started to happen.”
(Sorry for the mic going crazy a couple of times, I guess I got too excited 🙂
Would love your thoughts? What are you seeing? Please leave your comments on the Linkedin post.
Fredrik Haren.

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