Month: August 2020

For this week’s episode of Professional Speaking I will not show a video I made, but instead share a video of 13-year old Brayden Harrington’s speech from the 2020 Democratic Convention in the USA last night (Watch the 2-minute speech here:

To me, this video is a great reminder that even if the physical convention (or conference, or meeting) might have been canceled, the need to get the message out was not.

Employees in companies still need to be inspired, educated, motivated and informed. Just like the Democratic (and soon Republican) voters still need to rally around their candidate.

So, what if we can not meet at the moment? We still need to get the messages out.

That is something we as speakers have to remind ourselves of. But more importantly, it is a message that we need to take upon ourselves to spread to our clients and our potential clients.

How are you going to remind the market about the importance of using speeches to move people?

That is the message today from Professional Speaking with me, Fredrik Haren.


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