I regularly  meet with fellow speaker and authors to learn.

Learn how they think, work, write, promote, present and so on.

The last two days I met with Avi Liran and Kenneth Kwan, both Singapore based author and speakers who have just published their new books.

Avi on the theme of Optimism and Kenneth on Small steps to big changes.

I learnt about book writing, book publishing,and book launching from both of them. (And yes, I have written, self published and launched 9 (soon 10) books, but you can always learn new things, and in many ways I still consider myself a beginner in these areas.

Looking at yourself as a beginner and humbly learning from others while you take small, positive steps to improve yourself is a recipe for success.

When is the last time you sat down with a fellow speaker/author and picked their brain?

I do it (in one way or another) multiple times per week.

The speakers/authors who say they do not have time to do that I think undervalue the value that comes from taking time off to learn from others.


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