In this week’s episode of Professional Speaking I share the message I wish I would have learned 15 years ago when Social Media became a thing. I was personally guilty of way too many “Look at me posts” over the years.
So, as a message to my younger self, and to anyone thinking of a social media strategy for speakers here are my thoughts.
(And as I say in the video: Other speakers have other strategies and they work great for them, this is not meant as a criticism of how others do it, but a reminder for myself how I want to do it, and how I wish I would have done it earlier.)
As always: Would love your thoughts.
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I have done many virtual speeches, but I am doing this video not as a virtual speaker, but as an attendee of a virtual conference. I just attended Asia Professional Speakers Convention – a five-day virtual conference on speaking and I decided to create this video to talk about all the advantages (!) of doing and attending a conference virtually.

I am sure you will like the positive message at the end for speakers.

Watch it here:

ps. This is episode 297 of Professional Speaking. Soon I will reach the milestone of 300 episodes. As one of the people who follow these episodes I would like to ask you one simple question: Do you find value from me creating these videos for you every week? If so, what? I would love to hear from you.


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