The business of speaking

Is virtual speaking actually better than in-person speaking?

That is the question I try to address in this week’s episode of Professional Speaking.

Of course, in-person is amazing, but in my video this week I argue for why live video speaking (commonly called “virtual speaking”) actually has a number of advantages that might actually make it come out on top when comparing it to in-person speaking.

I will share how live video speeches – if done right – can be MORE personal, MORE engaging, MORE inspirational and MORE productive than in-person speeches.

But do not take my written word for it, instead – obviously – you should watch the video about video. 🙂

Watch it here:


Yesterday I stepped down as Immediate Past President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) after serving in different positions for the last four years. (I also, yesterday, gave a speech to the speaker association in New Zealand.)

In this video, I share about why I am a member of a speaker association, and why, as a member, I think it makes sense to step up and serve.

Watch the video here:

I will of course continue to serve the speaking community in Asia and APSS, but after 4 years and countless hours of pro-bono work serving the community it is time to hand over to the next group of people who will take on the leading positions in APSS.

How can you serve?


This week’s video is making the case for why you should do more interviews as a speaker. (And it has nothing to do with “exposure”, “backlinks”, “being in the media” etc) Instead, it is all about how being interviewed helps you find new, interesting compartments in your own mind full of content that you can then use in your speeches.

Watch it here: