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As I celebrate having created 300 weekly episodes (Hurray!) of Professional Speaking I am announcing the end to the weekly series. But do not worry, as you can see in the video it is not really the end, just the end to my commitment of doing weekly videos. Knowing myself I will continue to do episodes quite frequently, but I want to move my own focus to me creating more creativity content as creativity is my main focus.
And do not miss the announcement in the video (and link beloew) about the 5 hour online course now being live on YouTube!
It’s been a joy creating these weekly posts and I look forward to creating more on a “as I feel like it basis”. Follow me on LinkedIn to get professional speaking tips as well as creativity content.
Here is the link  again to this week’s video:
And here is the link to the newly uploaded 5 hour free online course on Youtube – Master the Keynote: Enjoy!
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In this episode: How a conversation with Martin Perelmuter, Co-founder & President, Speakers’ Spotlight & Managing Director, The Spotlight Agency (one of the most professional speaker bureaus in the world) reminded me of how and what you should promise as a speaker
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Always keep developing yourself as a speaker so you can reach your full potential.
Fredrik Haren
In this week’s episode of Professional Speaking I share the message I wish I would have learned 15 years ago when Social Media became a thing. I was personally guilty of way too many “Look at me posts” over the years.
So, as a message to my younger self, and to anyone thinking of a social media strategy for speakers here are my thoughts.
(And as I say in the video: Other speakers have other strategies and they work great for them, this is not meant as a criticism of how others do it, but a reminder for myself how I want to do it, and how I wish I would have done it earlier.)
As always: Would love your thoughts.
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