Author: Fredrik Haren

In this episode of Professional Speaking I share some of the creative virtual speaking setups that I have been part of recently – including the latest as a “TV news cast” for Canon in South Africa – and make the point that speakers need to be involved in helping to create the most creative set up possible. Virtual gives great opportunities to create inspiring and interesting set ups. So go on and be creative!

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The fear of forgetting what to say in a speech might be the biggest worry for speakers. In this week’s video, I share not only how to remember a speech, but also why stories are so powerful in speaking.

Watch the full video to learn the technique I use.

Also please notice how my assistant Maria is demonstrating the power of using hand gestures and body language to help me remember what to say. The “muscle memory” reminds you of the order of the story.

And notice that there is one place where I forget one part of the speech, but in a regular speech that does not really matter as no-one knows what you were supposed to say.

When you are confident that you will remember your speech, you relax. When you relax you become a much better speaker. Watch this video and become a better speaker.


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