I have not written about this before, but one things I do before a speech is to listen to a guided meditation on Spotify.

I find it a very effective way of becoming present, getting rid of distracting thoughts and pushing out the ego.

By escaping from the conference room into a quiet place, a park – or even a restroom – I find location where I can be by myself. Then I put on my earphones and focus on the message in the guided meditation.

Earlier this week in Macau I listened to a guided mediation on gratitude while walking around an empty shoppingmall next to the convention center. It put me in the right mood before having the pleasure of going up on stage to speak to 100+ event organisers from all across Asia.

I find that it does not really matter what theme the meditation is on. Just search for “Guided meditation” and find one that suits you. But do not pick “Guided meditation for sleep” ;-D


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