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On Friday I was in Kuala Lumpur to deliver two two-hour speeches for two different groups from the same company.

Group one: Senior leadership.

Group two: Young potential leaders.

I love when I get to do two talks for two different groups from the same company because you can pin the groups “against” each other to create a sense of “competition” between the two groups of which group is the “best audience”.

I do that by saying things like:

“I will ask you the same questions and I asked the other group and I look forward to see if – and if so how – you will answer the questions differently.

A bit of friendly competition makes the group want to be “better” and when a group is good, the speaker becomes good and when the speaker is good the group becomes good and so on.

Sometimes small “tricks” like this makes it slightly easier to be a speaker. Thought I would share that little trick with you today.





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