Month: July 2020

Don’t get me wrong – I love the book. But in this video (Yes, I did a video about why we should be doing more videos) I argue for why thought leaders should share their knowledge more through video.

Watch it here:

The word “Author” actually means “creator”, not “writer” and today we have more ways of getting our message across. Video is one of the most powerful ones. If you are not using it to communicate your message you are missing a wonderful way of spreading your message.

Before you write the book, share your insights from your research as videos. You reach more people, get more feedback, have a bigger chance of having people spread your message. A bonus is that people get to see you spread your message which will increase the chance of them booking you for that speech.

Let’s be “video authors” – ie use video to create content that moves people!

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Would love to hear them.


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